Slavery, “Johnny Reb” and the Confederacy

JReb statue pics-2

This op-ed was published on Sunday, August 28 by the Ocala Star Banner. It can seen online by clicking here. The submitted text is below. Above are pictures of the “Johnny Reb” statue to the Confederate war effort that is currently resident at Marion County’s Veterans Memorial Park. As you can see in the right […]

New Historical Commission still avoids black history

MC Museum

You can read in a previous post how tragically useless the former Marion County Historical Commission became during and after the Confederate flag fiasco in 2016. Populated by a majority who were either members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans or United Daughters of the Confederacy, the HC showed a scandalous disinterest and even hostility […]

Commission Issues Black History Month Proclamation: Still No Local History

BHM Presentation pic

The Marion County Commission on Tuesday, February 21 issued a Black History Month Proclamation. It was a slightly upgraded version of the “white-washed history” Proclamation which the Commission had presented to Bridges Project and Liberation Ocala African American Council prior to their February 7 meeting. Both groups found the re-write of the Proclamation unacceptable since […]